We expect that all are growing as a disciple of Jesus. See how we do it.

At First Pres we believe that there are three primary areas that define a disciple of Jesus. Personal Discipleship is where you know God and are known by God on a personal and individual level. Communal Discipleship allows you to experience God in relationship with others. Finally, Missional Discipleship is where we share God with those around us as disciples making disciples.

Personal Discipleship

know God for yourself

If there has ever been an opportunity where it’s acceptable to be selfish, this is it. Be selfish about your personal discipleship and spiritual formation. God has invited you personally to know Him. But more than that, God has invited you into relationship so that he can also get to know you.

At First Pres we believe that every follower of Jesus should not only be equipped with the right spiritual disciplines for their relationship with Jesus, but also show how to rightly engage with those disciplines for their personal growth..

Communal Discipleship

experience God with others

One of the gifts that God gave to his children was the church, like-minded followers of Jesus. It is within the context of community that we have the opportunity to experience God in relationship with one another.

God gave us faithful communities not as an option, but as important fellowship for each of us. We are actually called to participate in community because it is in community that we can best experience mutual encouragement, comfort, and strength.

Missional Discipleship

share God in the world

As followers of Jesus, we are called to make disciples. That is the missional call that each of us has been given. We are individually responsible to sharing our faith with those around us: friends, family, neighbors, and strangers. We truly believe that every invitation should be an invitation to Jesus and no other. Not an institution, program, or organization; but to the person of Jesus Christ.

At First Pres we want to offer opportunities within our community to share Christ with those around us. But we also believe in encouraging you to make invitations in your everyday life through normal and practical interactions.