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Covenant Partner

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What is a Covenant Partner?

Covenant Partner is the term we use to identify a member of First Presbyterian. You see, we don’t think member is a strong enough word for the fellowship we hold with one another. Member seems to carry with it that you are only here to receive; you pay your dues, and the rest is for your consumption. However, as a Covenant Partner, you are invited to hear that you are foremost entered into the covenant relationship with Jesus Christ, through his life, death and resurrection. And also, you are in covenant relationship with the body, therefore partners in carrying the gospel to one another, and to our community. We long to be a part of one another’s lives in a more meaningful way, and we hope that you will join us on that journey! 

Ready to take your next step?

So, are you ready to take your next step in faith? Are you ready to see what more there is to church than simply showing up? Are you ready to say, I want all that Jesus has for me as it pertains to covenant community? Then look no further. There are five sermons below that talk about what it means to show up and be a covenant partner at First Presbyterian. We hope that as you watch and listen to each sermon, you are encouraged that this is exactly where the Lord wants you and that you feel the Holy Spirit moving in your life.

When you have completed each sermon, there are a few questions upon which we would like you to reflect. And after taking sometime to reflect and pray, you can then move on to watching the next sermon. You are not required to write anything down (though it might be helpful) or turn your answers in, but some the questions might be asked during the meeting step.

Finally, once you have finished the course, please fill the form out at the bottom of this page and we will setup a time to meet between you, the pastor, and two elders. Don’t worry, this is not a test. We understand that everyone is at different places in their faith. We really just want to meet to hear about what you thought of the sermons, listen to your responses, and ultimately, just get to know you as we become covenant partners together!

Before you begin the course, here a few link you might find helpful in determining if this is where you are supposed to be. You will find the Constitution for ECO Presbyterian, as well as a copy of the liturgy during the service for welcoming new Covenant Partners! During the year we will also have 2 lunches to celebrate those that have joined us since the last lunch! 

MARCH 10, 2024

If you have become a covenant partner in the last 2 years, please join us to be celebrated in taking your next step in faith with our covenant community!

SEPTEMBER 22, 2024

If you have become a covenant partner after March 10, 2024, please join us to be celebrated in taking your next step in faith with our covenant community!

Session 1 - Why do I need grace?

The first thing to know, is that to be presbyterian is to acknowledge the deep need of grace through Jesus Christ. Since the fall, man and all of creation has been subject to sin and death. All of creation is condemned because of this. However, grace is this gift, given by God in His Son Jesus Christ. This grace is given freely, not earned by our works or deeds.

So, why do you need grace? Because it is God’s plan to bring us back into union with Himself.

Session 2 - What do you mean "Elect"?

To be presbyterian is to be reformed theologically. Often times, that means we hold to a belief of the saints being elect. Election simply means we believe that God chose us, not the other way around. With the fall also came the loss of our freedom to choose. We are slaves to sin. But in God’s infinite grace, he chooses us for himself, not because of any merit on our part, but only out of his love and mercy.

So, what does it mean to be elect? That God chose you, and he will never let you go.

Session 3 - Who is a covenant partner, me?

We already covered much of what it means to be a covenant partner above. But, just a reminder that covenant is what we have been invited into with Jesus, a contract of his protection and love. Further, in community we are in covenant with one another because of the covenant with Jesus. After all, he calls us His body. So we are all tied together in covenant. It is in this body that grow in faith, experience spiritual transformation, and invite those around us to receive the same!

So, who is a covenant partner? You, if you so desire to be a part of this beautiful body of Christ.

Session 4 - Am I expected to serve?

The body is made up of many parts. But each part has its own function. We believe that in order for the church to flourish, we each have our unique and significant role to play. But, even more that what you are called to do within the body local, one thing is certain: Jesus has called all those that belong to him to serve the world in ministry. 

So, are you expected to serve? Of course, Jesus called us to be a servant of all, but how you do so is between you and the Lord.

Session 5 - Obedience, huh?

Don’t run just yet! We hear the word obedience and many of us have an aversion to it. However, our aversion doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t understand or seek to understand what it means. the Bible is clear that God has given his people commands to live by. Just because there is grace, doesn’t mean we get to do whatever we want. Forgiven, for sure, but we should strive to look like Jesus daily so that those around us can see that we are different, and for good reason.

So, are you supposed to be obedient? 

Setup a Time to Meet with the Pastor and Elders

Once you have completed the New Covenant Partners Course, please fill out the form below with the names of those interested in joining the church, with an email we can respond to you, as well as your best availability. Once submitted, we will get back to as soon as possible! We look forward to meeting with you and walking with you in your next step!